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Digby is a picturesque ocean wonderland. Located on the Bay of Fundy with its incredible 53 foot tides!

Denigan Glades is located approx. 3 kms from the town of Digby on the Digby Neck and Islands Scenic Drive (Hwy 217), immediately west of Upper Cross Road. You will see two huge rocks with our logo.

You can't miss the huge chunks of basalt with our logos, aside each driveway... The 1st driveway is the 'BEECH'. The 2nd driveway leads into the 'VISTA'.

Pop in and have a look!

DG Map Location.png
Sandy Cove from above.jpg
Digby Pines.jpg
Beechcroft field.jpg
The VISTA in Denigan Glades
Denigan's Lane -titled.jpg

The Denigan Glades development is only 3km from the town of Digby, Nova Scotia offering easy access to all of the amenities that Digby has to offer, including:

  • Provincial Hospital

  • 2 grocery stores

  • A vibrant downtown core

  • Large in town wharf and harbour

  • Internationally recognized Digby Pines golf course

  • Proximity to hiking, swimming and off-road activities

  • Lower municipal taxes

  • Seafood restaurants and fresh seafood in abundance

  • Many natural attractions and stunning scenery

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