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I've got a pine tree stuck in my eye!!

Spring time seemed like the perfect time to start crawling around the property to figure out where to locate each of the lots we were proposing to build on. Just a shame we waited until summer to do so.

Summer is AWESOME!

If you are not crawling through the underbrush/branches/foliage/dead-fall of a mature, dense Acadian forest, hoping to locate a place to put a house. I'm not sure many people have been driving out to the cottage and said..."hold it Dad, stop here. Look at that incredibly dense bush/forest/mosquito infested woods. Let's try and crawl through it!!"

We didn't have a lot of choice. We knew we needed to get the construction of the first house underway PRONTO. The 3 acre lot for the VISTA had been surveyed, but now we had to create the clearing - the GLADE - within which the brand new house would be located. So, armed with three roles of pink ribbon, a tape measure, a GPS (that really doesn't work in dense bush) Susan and I crawled/hacked/tore our way through the trees to mark out where we would position the home.

I don't believe many folks in the space of 12 minutes can say that they have:

  • Removed a pine branch from their eye socket

  • Fallen over 13 different logs

  • Had their hat removed and taken by a squirrel

  • Their glasses flung up into a tree branch

  • Swallowed something that felt like a really big bug

  • Turned back 73 different times because it was simply NOT POSSIBLE to take a step

Well... let me tell you... WE DID

(And, we are really hoping never to do that again)

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