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So, why are we doing this??

It was early 2020 and we had great plans to build 3 cottages to use as vacation rentals on our personal property just on the other side of Digby. We did a bunch of leg work around figuring out where they should go and what designs we would like.

And then...


We spoke to various owners of this type of cottage and found that Covid was seriously messing with their ability to rent them out.


We knew we wanted to be busy and have an interesting project but the timing for cottages was not now. We had both had lots of experience with building, construction, renovations and design. So we thought... why don't we build a house that we can sell when complete. Seemed like a great idea. Combine our talents and buy a little lot.


A 200 acre parcel came up for sale just on the outskirts of the town and Digby.

We had NO NEED for 200 acres! So, why then did were we considering it? Excellent question. People from across Canada had been flowing into Atlantic Canada and Nova Scotia in particular. There just were not any choices for them if they wished a newly constructed home.

From that point on, the plans just got bigger, the reality became clearer and we pulled the trigger and started clearing trees.

Denigan Glades was born.

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